Monday, June 7, 2010

Alan Tam/Hacken Lee Concert and ATC In The News

Alan Tam and Hacken Lee put up a fantastic concert on 29 May Sat at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I have watched their 2004 Hong Kong concert on DVD, but nothing beat seeing them in person and listening to them live on stage. Literally like magic coming alive, the pair packed the 3 solid hours with lots of their best Cantonese songs, witty and humerous talks, and numerous glitzy costumes! Make me real tempted to want to fly to Hong Kong for their next concert!

Managed to finish up quite a bit of ATCs these 2 weeks, both fabric ones and art dolls. I did more bullion knot embroidery and also tried cast-on stitch flowers. The effect of the cast-on stitch is like the Josephine knot in tatting, just that the cast-on stitch is sewed directly on the fabric. Since I have so many tatting cotton threads, I used them for all these flowers rather than embroidery floss.

Cute bullion knot bunnies - just got to try sewing them!

These 2 ATCs, I used water-soluble crayons and hand-sewed the outline, with a layer of batting on the back. Added a special touch with a tatted bee. Oh, I just love this block-tatted bee designed by Martha Ess, goes so well with flowers!

These are the 2 ATC Alphabet dolls are going to Lynette for the ATC- ArtDoll May Swap, with embossed alphabet background, alphabet dress and her initials on it.

My faerie godmother going to Cindy - used my QuicKutz to emboss the dress, otherwise, everything were hand-cut and layered.

Received this faerie godmother from Marlene, looked like the body and fan are stamped and heavily-embossed with gold powder.

And these ATC Alphabet Dolls were from Dana, with my initals on the cards. We had the same idea, Dana!

I did more of my ATC Alphabet dolls!

We were featured in the local newspapers (The Sunday Times, 30 May 2010)! Here's Moses and the article on ATC and the live trading sessions at the Bishan Library. Kristine and myself were mentioned :) Click on the link to go to the bigger version of the news article.

Finally, I wanted to show off Kristine's latest Chinese calligrahpy works done in school. I'm quite proud of what she can do, cos' I can't do it myself! That's what I like about school with Chinese background - this is just part of those compulsory things students have to learn of the Chinese culture.


Shirl said...

Your tatted ATC's are so cute!

singtatter said...

Thank you, Shirl, for dropping by and a sweet comment :)