Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art Dolls and ATCs

The children are having their mid-year exams now. They are asking a thousand-and-one questions on their school work. In-between juggling work and the children, I managed to finish my Bollywood doll for Mary G. and art-doll ATCs for Amy S. Quite an experience for me assembling these paper dolls. Getting the sequence of the layers right saves a lot of time and effort, as I learnt from doing the Bollywood dolls, took me so much longer than it should take had I got it right. Anyway, they are finally done and mailed out.

And with extra sets to keep and trade.

Since the theme for the art-doll ATCs is fibres and ribbons, I couldn't resist embellishing them with bits of tatting, and in fact, also all the thread ends that I saved from my tatting projects - a perfect case of reducing waste!

Mother's Day had came and gone, but I'm keeping these little gifts and cards the children made for me.

Joey folded 3 origami flowers (above in the middle on the left) and

little Kristine made up her own origami doll!

Saw this cloud formation one fine morning and couldn't resist whipping out my handphone to snap a quick shot - the cloud was lined up in one straight line right across both photos!

And spent a quiet afternoon to bake these little scones with Kristine to go with good strawberry jam for tea!


Maureen said...

Your children live up to my expectations of them - they're so clever! And the scones look delicious, you must have enjoyed them!

Momo said...

The Bollywood doll looks fantastic.

Tatskool said...

All things gorgeous as usual. What great kids you have produced and nurtured.

singtatter said...

Thanks, Maureen, Takskool! If only their studies are as good, the 2 girls are a far cry from their brother! I actually seldom cook or bake, this was really once in a blue moon.

Well, Moses, I also think so, considering the time I spent doing them :-)