Sunday, March 7, 2010

Even More Tatted Names and Names on Paperclips (Motif No. 15) and Some Easter ATCs

Here are more tatted names - 2 for my OWOH giveaway winners:
Connie and Sandi's daughter, Devon.

These set of paperclips, plus my lucky clover paperclip, was for my boss who joined us briefly for half a year:

and 1 for myself:

All these names on paperclips will count as Motif No. 15 of the 25 Motif Challenge (2nd round).

I'm now tatting flowers for a break finally! Hurray!

In-between, I managed to needle-felt some bunnies, tatted some small eggs for these hand-stitched fabric Easter ATCs.
This first set is already on their way to Ann in Germany.

Finished 2 more sets subsequently - these 2 are already reserved by my girls.

and I just must keep 1 set for myself!

That's all for now!


Paula C. said...

Hi Ellen,
Your tatting is lovely! I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled =) Your needle felted bunnies are very cute too. I have never tried that craft but it is very nice.

Bonnie said...

Connie and Devon are lucky people, their names and names on paperclips are super neat.

Your Easter ATCs are super cute.

singtatter said...

Hi Paula, needle felting is not difficult, though using it to do 3D stuff is a bit more challenging. The only thing is that I tend to poke the needles into my fingers. Wonder if others who needle-felt have this problem, or it is just me who is so careless!

Thanks Bonnie, I'm trying to improve my embroidery skill and doing fabric ATCs is just perfect to do a bit of sewing every time!

Sandi M said...

Devon is going to be so excited when it arrives here Ellen. Thanks - I can't wait to see these in person!

Trillian said...

Dear Ellen,
your bunnies are very cute.
I have the same problem with needle felting. Don't know how to felt safe ;-)

singtatter said...

Hi Sandy, Devon, glad the tatted names arrived safety. Hope you like them!

Hi Trillian, yes, with this problem, I'm so frighten to see the needles turning rusty if you put them away for some time when not using!

Corina said...

What a lovely blog you have! I like the idea of combining needle-felt with tatting! (I like both crafts, but never joined them together)