Monday, February 22, 2010

River Hongbao 2010 and Sam Hui's CNY Concert

This Chinese New Year was sure an eventful and unforgettable one; first was of course, it coinciding with Valentine's Day, second was my boy went through the whole period down with fever, and then, my father won a pair of concert tickets. More about this later.

We didn't go out much because of my boy, but we did go down to the River Hong Bao 2010 at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. The usual things we expected, this being its 24th year since the event started in 1987, as Singapore’s annual signature event to usher in the Chinese New Year. This year, River Hongbao 2010 featured local performers and performers from Chengdu, China, the God-of-Fortune, 12 Chinese zodiac animals, but oh, these were what attracted me most!
What were these ? Here's the description of the exhibits. Amazing works!
Then, these were beautiful art dolls - shadow puppets:

My youngest girl, Kristine, was selected by her school to join a calligraphy competition held at the River Hongbao venue. A very tiring Friday afternoon, but exciting and rewarding. She was elated to won a consolation prize! (These were what she wrote with the Chinese brush, but the better piece was submitted.)

I mentioned a concert earlier, right? It was Sam Hui CNY Concert Live in Singapore on 19 Feb at the Singapore Indoor Stadium! I bought his Jun 2010 concert tickets in last Sep when ticketing starts, this Feb concert was rolled out later, I actually has been comtemplating whether to also buy the Feb ticketst. Decided not, then my father won this pair of tickets at a CNY dinner event at the Floating Platform! What luck!
Sam Hui, the Godfather of Cantopop, in his early 60s now, still sporting a guitar slung over his shoulder and drumming his catchy tunes about everyday people in everyday life. The lyrics poke fun at ordinary life and complain of struggles, and relieve stress and make people take themselves less seriously. The songs just sounded especially nice sung by him himself. His younger son also put up a superb performance singing “卖身契”,though this part with his 2 sons were the same as his last concert here in 2008. Again, his middle brother, Ricky Hui, made a special guest appearance at the concert. Apart from these, most of the songs by Sam were different from his last concert. He was so sporting that the concert over-stretched till 11 plus, and he came down stage thrice! Now, waiting for his next concert in Max Pavilion @ Singapore Expo on 26 June 2010!
I just received these goodies all the way from Sweden and have to show you first. More in the next post!


Trillian said...

What nice pictures.
Hope your boy is better now.

Tatskool said...

I really enjoyed looking at all that, thanks for sharing your experiences.

singtatter said...

Thanks, Trillian, he has recovered from his throat infection which caused the fever, but then he fell down a few days ago and now, his knee is injured :(

Hi Tatskool, thanks for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment!

Sandi M said...

Congrats to Kristine! Beautiful photos. The shadow dolls are amazing. Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

singtatter said...

Thanks, Sandi! I did!