Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise, Gifts and ATCs

I had to mention this first - I received a package in the mail and was pleasantly surprised to receive it. A Thank-You package from Randi, the winner of my blog giveaway. She had sent me some of her hand-painted thread and a sweet pink beaded butterfly, and some postcards. Thank you, Randi, I love everything you sent! Let me see how to assemble something into an ATC. Watch out in the next post how I have recycled and assembled the little stickers, cards, postmarked stamps and what-not I received from tatting exchanges into ATCs. Some of you may recognise some stuff ; )

I tatted this up for Daphne Yap, whose last day with the company was on Thu. These alphabets by Anna Valeire, are quick to tat up and the effect is just great. And a little cute Sun for Wen Yng, who also quitted on Fri.

We had our monthly ATC trading session on Thu. Moses asked for a tatting demo, so I did a short one, giving a brief introduction to tatting, explaining some tatting terms, showing some tatted works and demonstrating the execution of the double stitch. Hopefully, everyone who was present would be able to recognize tatted works when they see it in the future. And here I was presenting a tatted bookmark to Richard, as a prize for a little lucky draw for the session. (Photo taken by Moses.)
The theme for the session was "Self-Portrait". These are what Kristine and I did.

More ATCs drawn by Kristine
What we traded.
"Fishes" by Pei Ling, "One Man's Mess is Another Man's Art" by Terence, "Lotus" by Moses.
"Pieces of Me" by Laura, "Joe Cool" by Becky and "Flower" by Pei Ling.

I was particularly excited I received my ATCs from my first group trade. They are paper-cutting ATCs with an open theme, and so interesting to see different styles and varieties in the paper-cutting from across the world.

From top left going clockwise: "Tiger" from Florinda, "Putting on the Glitz" and "Lighthouse Stairs I" both by Susan S Hahn (our hostess), "At The Ball" by Melissa Clark, Birch Bark Cutting by Edie Johnstone, unnamed by Florinda. Susan sent me extra for a tatted bookmark I sent. Thanks, Susan!

The ones I sent were more of a Chinese style - all cut using 80 gsm acid-free papers. Going clockwise from the top left-hand corner: Poeny, Chattering, Floral Spray, In The Dusk.

A special mention of Ambitatterous's Giveaway, you need to put on a small thinking hat but a fun one to read what everyone wrote!


Momo said...

You did a great job with the tatting demo. Enjoyed reading your blog and also seeing your collection. Lovely!

Thank you.

❦TattingChic said...

That thank you package is so sweet. It almost makes me feel guilty...I started sending out little tatted hearts to people I won giveaway's from...then I won so many I couldn't keep up with them all, LOL!

The tatting demo looks like fun! Good for you! The ATC's are nice, too.

It looks like you are having a lot of fun enjoying all of your many hobbies!

edward and lilly said...

Hi there! You won my giveaway! Please email me at with your address and choice of brooch and I'll post it off for you :)