Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Tatted Gift, Crafting and ATC Sessions

Hopefully, this is the last resignation for the months to come. These are tatted for Rafii. The alphabets are Teri Dusenbury's design, while I came up with the paper clip design.
I was very active in my previous company, organising social activities and craft sessions for the recreation club, as I enjoy learning new crafts or simply to do some projects in a group. 6 years have passed since I join my present company, without such recreational crafting sessions. I'm simply overjoyed when I found a group that meets monthly to do crafts - the KBCC - Knotty Bicsie Crafting Club. I have since joined them for 2 sessions, and my children enjoy tagging along too. Last month, we did watercolour painting, and last weekend, we did scrapbooking (more photos). Not that you will master the skills and techniques within 2 to 3 hours time span, but it's a great exposure and fun getting together in a group. Besides, our host, Betsy, arranged such delicious snacks for us. Thank you, Betsy!

"My Family" (above) was done by Joey.

And this bottom one was done by me during the scrapbooking session.

The other group I now join is doing and trading ATCs. Yep! Found a local group which meet and trade ATCs monthly. In the last session, we met and tried paper piercing on ATC. Not something new to me, but my Kristine did it for the first time, and she really concentrate hard to finish a piece (the middle one on the bottom row)!

Mine was on the extreme left on the 2nd row from the bottom. I subsequently did another one and added tatted flowers to the bear and cut a bird to sit on the bear's head.
The tatted heart on bottom right was tatted by Dorcas for me in a tatting exchange. I mounted it on a co-ordinating card, ribbon and all. Look real sweet!

And I must show these 3 ATCs which I traded. The left one has real plant parts glued on, the middle one is pen drawing, Zentangle-style, and the right one has sequins sewn onto fabric.

The group will be holding an exhibition, ATC Parade, at Bishan Library from 6th to 13th Aug 2009. My 2 girls and myself are participating. We'll be there on 8 Aug and 13 Aug with the others! Looking forward to it, it'll be fun to see what everyone's doing!
Last but not least, I will be drawing 2 winners on 9 Aug for my blog giveaway. You are still not too late to participate if you haven't, just leave a comment in my previous post.


Tatskool said...

Busy girls, I love to see the things that you make. The scrapbook page with you and your daughter is lovely. The ATC's are very tempting.
Thanks for showing. Are many tatters trading them yet.

Jullie Teo said...

Nice works.... :) Glad you've found something interesting, Ellen... Hope one of these days can join you gers @ KBCC.... :)

Sally Kerson said...

Pleased you have found such a lovely craft group to join. The results are also great. Those that leave your company are very lucky in respect that they receive a tatted gift from you!

ancolie said...

Thank you for your lovely pattern ! I have done the tatted feet too ...
you can se them on my blog :
(from France)

La Donna Welter said...

Thank you for visitng my blog, and leaving such a nice comment about my paper cut sculpture!: )
It is a joy to meet you, and see your wonderful work!
La Donna

T.N Colna said...

Great Works....
Just wanted to stop on in and thank you for entering my giveaways. Hope you are having a lovely week-end ~

singtatter said...

So sorry I took so long to respond to all your lovely comments, really up to my neck with my kids as my DH has to work really late these 2 months.

Hi Pamela, ATCs are addictive as they are small, you can finish them fast. Make you want to try all sorts of techniques on them. Not that I know many tatters trading them, whether in our local group or even internationally. But there are more doing fabric ATCs, and even more doing collages on ATCs.

Hi Jullie, really looking forward to meeting you again soon!

Great to hear from you, Sally! With so many resignations, I'm struggling to keep up with the gift, just hope handmade gifts are appreciated.

Hi Ancolie, your tatted feet ATC is so cute!

Hi La Donna, Colna, I'm glad to find your blogs and to meet different artists. Love to see more of your works, so inspirational to me!

Tatskool said...

I am definately going to make tatted ATC's one of these days. I would so enjoy swopping them.
I thought that we should be doing this a few years ago when i first saw them in my card making magazine I am so glad that you are getting us started. Once it takes off it will fly. I will have to start putting one in with my threads...when I get round to it.