Friday, March 27, 2009

More ATCs, Stones and Beads and Crane

These flowers were tatted some years ago and already mounted on acid-free cards then. I mount them onto another ATC-sized backing now and add ribbon trims. My girl says they look old-fashioned. Are they ?
I was searching for something in my stash last weekend and found some beads and stones here and there, so I gathered them and put all together. Looking at all of them, I just couldn't resist their charms; picked and matched some together, and came up with these hanging ornaments. There are rose quartz, bluestone glass, dyed fresh water pearls, carnelian, unakite, Swarovski crystals, etc.
I just love the sparkling effect of Swarovski crystals, the colourful and interesting effect of natural semi-precious stones, the alluring lustre of pearls, plus some interesting man-made beads.

And look what I have here!
Actually, it is just a normal folded crane, but it is my 10-year old girl who folded it. I think it is quite a fest for a child to fold it at this size, isn't it?


Tatskool said...

Your ATC's are beautiful, not a bit old fashioned.
I agree it is quite a feat to fold a crane that size at any age... I remember folding them smaller and smaller and smaller until I got to earring size and considered that an achievement. She is obviously following in your footsteps.

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

The cards are fantastic! I would take them being called old fashioned as a compliment. They're lovely. I can not believe how small that crane is. I want one! Love the beads and stones, too. They look great strung together like that.

Valerie said...

I don't think the tatted flowers are old-fashioned. I like them.

And the charms and bracelets are very interesting. I have tons of beads and findings too, but haven't been about stringing them together.

Yes, it's certainly not easy to fold such a tiny paper crane. Your daughter has your genes. :)

TattingChic said...

Your ATC's are very pretty! Love the crane, too! I remember, once, a friend folded one out of a paper dinner napkin for me on my birthday! I thought it was so thoughtful and cute!

Hope you stop on by for my 1st Blogoversary/100th post celebration! I'm even having a giveaway! Do come on over! Everyone is invited!!! :)

laura_rose said...

Your ATCs are beautiful! The crane is gorgeous! And I love the beads. Are you trading your ATCs?

singtatter said...

Thank you, thank you, for the assurance of the ATCs, it's a relief.

Well, Laura, I'm trading only the duplicates (now only the lucky clover and butterfly). I'm starting slowly, as I still have a few other tatting projects to finish. However, my approach now is incorporating tatting motifs on acid-free scrapbooking papers. By the way, how do you mount the lace on the fabric or paper backing ?

My girl likes origami and I buy her a number of origami books and papers (cos' I have origami books and papers too when I was around that age, and I remembered I like to fold them). I think it is good exercise for the mind and the fingers.

Tatskool said...

At the moment I glue little motifs on with pva glue (no idea if it is acid free tho, is there acid free pva glue?) but I think I might have to sew larger motif on. What do you do?
I am using all acid free stuff for scrapbooking.

singtatter said...

You are right, Pamela, I have not heard of acid-free PVA glue either, though there is acid-free craft glue which is white. I normally use this on my tatting if I ever use glue, or I use acid-free glue dots at strategic points. It is still possible to peel the tatting away from glue dots if need be. I use my acid-free scrapbooking stuff too to mount tatted motifs, from papers, pens, glues, stickers to plastic page protectors.

laura_rose said...

I always sew my tatting onto the fabric, but if I was making my ATC using scrapbooking card, I would use the acid free white glue...I use that to stiffen flowers and christmas decorations when I need to and it is perfect for lace. I guess it would also work well on the fabric. I am looking for some ATC makers to take part in an exchange...would you be interested?
BTW...have you visited my Thank you post...there is a little token of appreciation for you there...hope you like it :)

singtatter said...

Hi Laura, yes, I will be most interested in an ATC exchange with tatting used as part of the making of the ATC. Is it the first in the tatting community?