Friday, April 4, 2008

More Works by Joey and Simple Tatted Paper Clips

Look what I found when I went home today: Joey has done it with oil pastels. It lifted my spirits looking at the wide grin on the apple and the vibrant colours. Love the way she did the background.

Found this in Kristine’s drawer, a bookmark done up by Joey. Joey found all the leftover punch-out shapes and put them together in this little name card for her sister. Ha ha, a little alien on the balloon! I like her sense of colours. She once requested a tatted bookmark in 3 colours of her choice. I like the way the colours turned out. A pity she dropped her bookmark in school one fine day. Her name was on the plastic protector of the bookmark, but whoever picked it up must have love it too much to return it!

And here’s a small butterfly tatted on paper clips. Tatted them to empty my shuttles after doing the tulip and periwinkles. They make quick little gifts for my girls to give to their friends. They are forever asking me to make bookmarks, cards and whatnots for their little friends.
Well, it’s such a simple motif, I won’t call it a pattern, but rather, here’s the stitch count of what I did using one shuttle only:
1st Ring: 18 ds.
2nd Ring: 8 ds, join to paper clip, 4 ds.
3rd Ring: 4 ds, join to paper clip, 8 ds.
4th Ring: 18 ds.
Tie both ends together as antenna.

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